5 Reasons You Should Take First Dance Lessons Before Your Wedding

February 2, 2017


The biggest question I am constantly asked as a wedding dance expert is “Why should we have lessons for our first dance?” As you can imagine there is usually a lot of apprehension and anxiety surrounding your wedding dance - and no, not just from the guys! I have lots of couples enquire about lessons and I can feel their nervousness from the other end of the phone. It is a daunting experience for most – let’s face it, we’re not all Fred Astaire, but that’s exactly why I’m here. So for those of you who aren’t sure about whether or not to hit the dancefloor, here are five reasons you should have bridal dance lessons.


1. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it well!

This is my number one reason! The truth is that most couples opt to do a wedding dance, whether it is a simple two step shuffle or an extravaganza fit for Dancing with the Stars. At some point in the night, you will have to hit the floor with all eyes on the two of you, so why not blow everyone away with a fabulous routine?


2. Learn how to move in your dress

Ladies I am sure a lot of you will know how to bust a move on the dancefloor but how many of you will have done it in a sea of tulle or inside a hula hoop? Wedding dresses are not always the easiest things to move in (note: mermaid styles are the MOST restrictive) so you have to modify your dance style accordingly. Whether it is taking smaller steps or standing further away from each other I can guide you through my tips and tricks to mastering your dress and the dancefloor.


3. Avoid the awkwardness and gain some confidence

As I said before, all your guests’ eyes will be on you at this stage of the night. There is no bridal party, celebrant or flower girl sharing your limelight and there is nothing worse than when the couple feels awkward and uncomfortable on the floor; it totally kills the party vibe. Dance lessons are not about becoming Fred and Ginger in a day but they are about making you feel confident on the dance floor.This confidence will let you enjoy the moment of your first dance as husband and wife, instead of dreading it all night.And trust me, when you enjoy it your guests will enjoy it much more as well!


4. Fitness and Exercise

Most bride-to-be’s want to look their best on their big day and dancing is a great way to shed some kilos without slogging it out at the gym. Dancing is an excellent choice of exercise for weight loss, as much for its fun factor as for the calories you burn. Dancing is also a great release from all the stresses that come with wedding planning. Endorphins are released with movement and music all while your waistline is shrinking so why not – dance it out!


5. Reconnecting with your spouse

This is perhaps my favourite reason to have lessons.Dancing is such a personal and intimate experience and I love watching couples connecting together and learning new dynamics in their relationship. Wedding planning is stressful and it can take a toll on your relationship if you’re not careful.In the studio you have to rely on each other in ways you may not have experienced before. Guys you need to learn to guide your future wife through the choreography, support her and look after her. Ladies you need to learn to trust that your future husband will be there to catch you in lifts and dips and be open to allow him to lead you through the moves. At the end of my packages I have so many couples say they have learnt so much more about their partner and to me, that is what dancing is about.


So if you’re still not sure whether you should have lessons,

ask yourself why not?


What have you got to lose?


So grab your shoes and come dance with me!


Got a comment? Let me know.

Tell me about your fears and experiences dancing. 

Have you reconnected with your partner during dance lessons? Let me know in the comment box below. 



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5 Reasons You Should Take First Dance Lessons Before Your Wedding

February 2, 2017

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